Custom Design

Decades of custom design experience guarantee a phenomenal product and our custom work is done in house.

Working with your ideas, pictures or even existing pieces, we can design options that work for you. Here are a few styles:

  1. Computer Aided Design
    We can use our computer aided design (CAD) program to build a piece of jewelry that fits your need. You will be able to see a virtual image and add to or take away from the design to meet your desire.
  2. Wax Model Carving
    This works well if you have your own stones to work with or if your idea is truly unique. You will be able to see a wax model set with your stones during the production process.
  3. Alterations 
    We can customize and alter existing pieces of jewelry to some extent. Come by to discuss your options with our team during a free consultation.

Planning Your Custom Piece

What would be perfect for you in a new piece of jewelry? Our professional designers can sketch, use the computer and use live samples to show you different options.

Whether it is wax, model design or CAD, our expert jewelers will begin the hands-on process of crafting your custom piece. Our production times vary. 1-2 months is average.

After completion, the piece goes through a final inspection and then is polished to perfection. Once we are certain the piece is perfect, it is ready for delivery.

Sample Gallery